NEWS: Forrest Yoga with Ilias

Start: 31/07/2017, 18:00 - 19:30 (english)

Forrest Yoga is an intense physical and mental practice, which helps the practitioner to create a personal space in order to turn the attention inwards. Except for its excellent physical benefits and high emphasis on core and lower back stability and whole body strengthening, Forrest yoga also emphasizes on deep breathing. From the first moment you practice, you will start being mindful of your breath; and this will bring fresh, new energy in your life! You will be encouraged to challenge your limits, you will get to know your boundaries and even unravel your full potential which might be hiding at the end of your comfort zone. You will teach yourself how to practice and live with integrity, by learning to work honestly and speak the truth to yourself and others. This is a tool you can use to better deal with struggle and fear. The biggest gift you can receive from Forrest Yoga is the connection to your Spirit; By educating the mind to be calm and non-reactive, you can connect to your authentic sense of freedom and intuitive knowledge coming from deep inside.

Funky Friday mit Katharina

22/09/2017, 20:30 - 21:45

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